Natalie Peterson

Natalie spends her time working in the commercial real estate and construction industry as an event planning and public relations professional. She enjoys being involved in the strategic planning of a program and seeing it all blossom into an excellent experience for the guests, leaving them feeling appreciated.

When she’s not involved in business events she enjoys exploring the beauty of the northwest with her friends, international travel, skiing, and relaxing at her family cabin on Lummi Island. Her passion for Africa ignited during her first trip to Kenya in 2005, and from then she’s volunteered with several non-profit international relief and development organizations.

When asked “what captured your heart for Uganda?” Natalie replied, “The people of Uganda live with such a selfless perspective that is lived out in their real life. From little ones to the elderly, they offer hospitality and generosity to a stranger. If this is what this nation gives in their lack, how much more can they give to the world with students educated, equipped and empowered to be the future leaders of this generation and the next? I’ve been blessed with so much, and I want to give back to these precious people that have captured my heart.”

Natalie has a Bachelor’s of Science from Arizona State University in Justice Studies and Sociology.

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