Stella Esther is 20-years-old, speaks eloquent English and is an intelligent young woman. When she was 9-years-old her father passed away and she was living with her mom who did not have a job and became ill while caring for her seven children. Her mother could not take care of all the children and therefore Stella could not go to school. After waiting some time, Stella received a scholarship and was able to go to school at Destiny Boarding School. Now, Stella is a very determined young lady who has studied diligently and recently graduated as the valedictorian of the first ever graduating class at Destiny. She’s an overcomer and during one holiday, she stepped up to care for her siblings when her mom was sick and was resourceful to find them food.

Stella Esther would like to become a lawyer because of injustice in the country. She is passionate about helping people and desires to use her education to empower others. She also dreams of the day when she can give back since she’s been blessed by those who have been so generous to her.

When asked “what are some qualities you look for in a friend?” Stella responded, “a friend is someone who is there for you when you need them and carries your burdens. When you share something with a friend they keep it to him or herself and don’t share it with other people.”

“I had no hope but when I came here (Destiny Orphanage) my life changed. I started getting an education and I started getting food. I got everything I needed. My mom didn’t have to buy a mattress or anything. They brought me here, I was given everything. And Destiny has been so good to us.”

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