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John Bosco’s father died of HIV/AIDS when he was very young, and as a result he was sent to live with his auntie who was a widow. Throughout the years, John Bosco was the only one in his whole family of 7 that did not die of AIDS. Throughout the transition and lack of financial support, John Bosco missed a year of school and was set back, but not for long. It was then that he was accepted to Destiny Orphanage and was offered a scholarship to finish his educational program. Destiny has been more than a school for him, it’s been his family. His favorite subject is mathematics.

Desired Profession: When John Bosco was in primary school one of his best friends had a heart condition. In Uganda there are a limited number of heart surgeons and patients must be flown out of the country for surgery. John Bosco’s friend’s family did not have the money for extensive travel and surgery. Unfortunately, his friend died. At that moment, John Bosco was determined to become a heart surgeon to save people’s lives in Uganda.

When asked what qualities he looks for in a friend, he responded “A good friend is trustworthy and faithful to the other friend and is committed.”

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