For us, Africa had always been a dream destination. We had put it on our vision board as a place we’d like to visit, with the desire to do something related to ministry. Then in 2009 we had the opportunity to join JoAnne & Tony Ramos to beautiful Uganda, Africa. Friends and family gave towards our trip, and close friends provided childcare for our 3 1/2 yr old and 22 month old girls.

Nothing could have prepared us for the experience that we had. Upon arriving in Uganda, we immediately saw the needs that were so prevalent. Clean water, safety, education, healthcare, marketplace mentoring… the list is long and can be overwhelming at times.

One thing that we appreciated about joining Pastor’s Tony & JoAnne was that we were sowing seeds of a VISION of what Uganda could become… not just a giving to a need that they might have. That VISION of a better Uganda encompassed the outreach time we spent in the ghettos, with local communities, leaders and the amazing children who are being raised at Destiny Orphanage. Seeing the growth and advancement of that vision, hearing reports of the teams that have gone after us, specifically related to the ongoing success of the orphanage, has been amazing! We look forward to taking our children back there one day, to see all the prosperous growth!

Jeff & Fawn Peterson
Uganda Trip 2009

The fascination of getting to know people from other cultures, the love for travel, giving and caring seems to be an inherent part of who I am. I met Joanne in 2006 and she invited me to go to Uganda with her, but it wasn’t until 2009 that I was actually able to go. That was also the first year that the team was going to be conducting a medical clinic. Since I was just finishing my PA training at MEDEX it was all the more exciting for me. The trip was life changing. We worked hard from sun up to sun down, but it was worth it.

In the fall of 2013 I was able to join the team again and it was such a delight for me to be able to see all the work that had been done in the interim. I was so proud of how well the medical team worked with one another and the local Uganda providers. We saw over 1300 patients in 3 days, which is a miracle in itself! There is no doubt the community of Katwe got to experience true love from the service provided there. Since my last trip there have been vast improvements in the overall organization and flow of the clinic. Each person who comes to the clinic has an opportunity to be counseled, listened to and comforted. In addition to medical care there were opportunities for dental care, HIV and STD testing.

Physician’s Assistant, Team member 2009 & 2013

I had no hope but when I came here my life changed. I started getting education, I started getting food. I got everything I needed. My mom didn’t have to buy mattresses or anything. They brought me here, I was given everything. And Destiny has been so good to us.

Stella Esther
Destiny School Graduate