How it all began…

Tony and Joanne Ramos first traveled to Uganda in 2001, and visited the Kampala ghetto of Katwe. Speaking with the people and serving them, they were struck by the compassion and vision of one couple in particular – John Michael and Evah Mugerwa. They did not pity the residents of the ghetto or shy away from their overwhelming needs. Although they were working in the slums, John Michael drove Tony and Joanne about an hour outside the city to a piece of land with a small, dilapidated structure on it and no utilities.

“I see a school and dormitories for future leaders of our nation – for the children of Katwe,” John Michael proclaimed while pointing to a dense field of rolling hills.

Joanne recalls, “We honestly couldn’t imagine even a single home, let alone a school, farm, medical clinic, or anything else he was dreaming of building there. In 2013, we were present at Destiny Village of Hope for the celebration of the first graduating high school class. John Michael was unfortunately not able to see his vision fully realized as he lost his life in a car crash in 2011, but the power of a dream fulfilled was not lost and the students who he taught are committed to live his legacy. And so are we.”

In 2012 a team returned from Kampala, and there were seven individuals that were shocked by the reality of the slums. Their lives were forever impacted by the people they met there and they had to do something. They caught the vision of John Michael and the passion to invest in the lives of future leaders of Uganda. Freedom Projectz is committed to empowering students to maximize their potential, to educate them to become leaders of their generation, and to return to invest in their communities and school. And that’s how Freedom Projectz was born.

It is amazing to see what happens when ordinary people come together around a common cause. Over the last 12 years over 15 teams have given and gone to support the work of Destiny.

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